Medacy Practice support

Innovative medicines optimisation services support to GP practices, GP federations and CCGs.

  • Increase access
  • Improve quality
  • Decrease costs
  • Better skill mix
  • Allow clinicians to focus on the work only they can do.

Use pharmacists  to optimise medicines use and management processes within your practice for the benefit of the patient, pracice and wider NHS.

Call 0800 111 4102 for more details and/or click on the button below to see evidence of the difference Medacy Practice support can make.

Medacy Locum Support

Medacy have been supplying locums to both primary care and secondary clients since 2004. We specialise in four specific roles: Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, GPs and ANPs.

Our locum coordinators have over 40 years experience in care settings and over vast amounts of experience coordinating locum provision.

We understand  that trust plays a massive part when you choose to work with a locum provider and a website can indicate a level of professionalism but talking is better so please click on the button below to book a chat with a member of the Medacy Locum Support Team

Medacy Permanent Recuitment a Recruitment Partner you can trust

The demand for high quality professionals has never been greater and so the need for a high quality recruitment partner has never been higher.

Call 0800 111 4102 to see how Medacy can work with you to suport the healthcare professionals you need.

Specialisms: Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, GPs and ANPs.

Medacy Secure Envionments

Medacy have been providing locum healthcare professionals to secure establishments since 2005. We work across the estate from open to maximum security and throughout the UK.

We work with Care UK, VirginCare and Spectrum Community Healthcare via the dePoel e-tips system and are Framework Suppliers to NHS providers via the NHS CPP National Clinical Staffing Framework

We specialise in the supply of pharmacists, pharmacy technician, GPs and ANPs and can also supply all grades of nursing staff.

Please call Medacy on 0800 1114102 or book a call via the button below if you would like to discuss how Medacy can support you in the future.


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