We had a great couple of days at Best Practice 2018 at the NEC IN Birmingham. So much interest in how pharmacists can support their primary care colleagues but I had slight concern re expectations;

We know that the Pharmacist-led clinical pharmacy service from Medacy can fundamentally change a practice. However, many presenters seem to believe that the ratio you need to invest in is 1 full time pharmacist per 30,000 patients as funded by the NHS Clinical Pharmacist project. Just think about that, one pharmacist to look after the medication needs of 30,000 patients!!

On average 43% of patients on a GP list will have a repeat medication. That means that for the 1:30000 ratio, every month that pharmacist will need to review 2500 patients. Or to put it another way, every day, that pharmacist will need to review 125 patients!!

And that is without the pharmacist processing hospital discharges, out-patients treatment requests, supporting fellow healthcare professionals, liaising with community and hospital pharmacy etc etc.

Sometimes it’s best just to admit that the original premise is wrong. The ratio you need to work on to fully realise the potential is one pharmacist per 10,000 patients. At that ratio, pharmacists can fundamentally change a practice and Primary Care more widely.

Medacy offer a unique pharmacist-led pharmacists that works with practices to design a bespoke service to make sure that the potential is fully realised.

For more informations call 01677 252205, email support@medacy.zendesk.com or visit www.medacy.co.uk

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