So that’s it, you’ve passed. What now?

For many it will mean going to the same pharmacy you worked in this week but just further along the checking bench for others it will mean a fresh start in a new pharmacy, new company or even new sector. Exciting times.

Some wise words (even if I do say so myself!)

  1. Be a professional – far too often I see or hear pharmacist blaming “The company” for their workload. You are a professional, not a tradesman so you are in charge of your professional work, no-one else.
  2. Open your mind to opportunities. The pharmacy degree open a huge number of potential doors to you. You have all the sectors of pharmacy; community, hospital, prison, GP Practice, CCG and the Pharmaceutical Industry plus other science options, further study, conversion to medicine etc etc
  3. Think about building an impressive CV. From the start of your career, be conscious of opportunities to add content to your CV. As someone who has to read a lot of pharmacist CVs let me tell you, most are mind numbingly boring “I worked for Boots, I worked for Lloyds, I’ve worked as a locum for ten years and helped massively build a business….” Meaning no disrespect here, and as someone who has worked for one of the two huge multiples, you can do most the role for all three without much original thought. When I read CVs prison experience always triggers questions, overseas experience ETC ETC, make sure you have CV content that makes you stand-out.
  4. The Learning has only just started. For many years once you qualified and registered you could pretty much get away with doing minimal CPD, those days are long gone. You have SOOOO many opportunities for a fantastic career in pharmacy now with the flood-gates starting to open for clinical work. In secondary care that has been the case for years but the opportunities in GP practices are just beginning to be realised. To put you in the best possible position you must see a clinical diploma or independent prescribing as the next step. Build relationships with local practices, GP federations and CCG and network your heart at to meet people who are setting the future direction of your career.

What now? That’s up to you but in my opinion, there’s never been a better time to be joining the register of the GPhC. Congratulations!

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