Why should you choose to work with Medacy?

What are Medacy about?

Our vision is:

 “To enable healthcare professionals to realise their full potential”

Medacy work with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technician and sonographers and support them to realise that potential . This may be financial or professional in nature or it may be that their potential lies outside their profession but the work facilitates them to achieve what they want to achieve.


Medacy aim to be:

Professional – we treat our healthcare professionals with respect and understand completely that without them, we don’t have a business

Reliable – If we say we will do something we will do it.

Put patients first – we may be a business but we will only work with healthcare professionals who match our values i.e. those that are professional and reliable. We understand that not all healthcare professionals work to the same standard and we strive to attract only the best.

If our vision and values match yours, then please call 0800 111 4102 or email support@medacy.co.uk

Medacy are proud to have made 40,000 placements since we launched in 2003

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